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Nick Cunningham, founder of Pilates Fix UK

Nick Cunningham, founder of Pilates Fix UK

For over 10 years I worked for Proactive Health, an equipment provider to the health and fitness industry, across all markets. Pilates became very important to the business as public awareness on the benefits of this method of exercise grew and we started to sell large pilates equipment such as Reformers, Cadillacs, Barrels and Stability Chairs.

I believed back then that an investment such as this required a good service in delivery and, if required, a good installation service in order to add value to the product. As such I delivered and installed most of the STOTT PILATES® equipment all over the UK on behalf of Proactive Health and later Pilates Solutions Ltd.

One of the joys to this work is that I got to know the equipment intimately and also to know my customers, many of whom I speak to on a regular basis. I have valuable experience in repairs and service on this equipment.

Increasingly I have found many customers wishing to take the opportunity of calling on me to protect their considerable investments to repair and/or service their Pilates machines. Pilates Instructors and Studio Managers were beginning to understand the importance of regular servicing and maintenance to keep their Pilates equipment running smoothly and safely, greatly reducing the risks of downtime and injury to their clients.

In response to this, in 2011, I set up Pilates Fix UK to offer my service, advice and support to the Pilates community in the UK. These services include sales, supply of spare parts, regular servicing, maintenance and one-off repairs. I am also able to offer advice to anyone wishing to set up a new Pilates studio with floor plan layouts to ensure your studio space is optimised and can help you to source the right brand of Pilates equipment to meet your budget and specific requirements.

Pilates Fix UK offers

Emergency Repairs

Maintenance Contracts

Studio design & planning

Assembly & installation